Safety and Productivity through Ergonomics!


Training in Ergonomics

Skilled Workforce

A critical element of the successful ergonomics process is a knowledgeable and skilled workforce. Frankly, at its worst, training is a waste of resources with no measurable outcome.

However if done correctly training can provide pertinent and timely information and skills that really add value.

Employees  . . . supervisors . . . managers. . .  safety, medical and human resource professionals . . . maintenance .. . purchasing . . . engineers . . .  the bottom line is that everyone benefits from knowing how to make the best use of ergonomics.


Training Approach

Nothing is more potent to an audience than seeing themselves doing their jobs in their own work environment. Exactly this is accomplished through the use of inexpensive on-site videotaping.  

ErgoSystems training approach is to:

  • Invest the time and effort to become knowledgeable about the audience and its needs.

  • Personalize the training through the use of job specific on-site videotaping.

  • Engage the audience through unique demonstrations and audience interaction.

  • Challenge the audience to try out the concepts to see if they really work.

  • Enhance retention through follow-up activities.

Extensive Training Experience

ErgoSystems has trained thousands of people in ergonomics.

Based on this experience ErgoSystems'  training courses are informative, dynamic and interactive.

Through the use of real-life case studies and demonstrations the workshops focus on real world problems.


Training Formats

With considerable experience in the production of printed, video and computer based training materials, ErgoSystems can provide subject matter expertise advancing all the way to coordinating full production house capabilities.

Making use of efficient and cost effective production technologies, these materials can be readily produced and up-dated without breaking the bank.

Instructional Design Services

Training needs may range from live stand-up group presentations to often repeated new hire/refresher training to individual self-directed training.

Different training materials are required to meet these diverse needs. While off-the-shelf training courses are available, many times they just doesnít make it; rather you need an in-house training course specific to your unique needs.

Company targeted, specific training materials are much more effective in maintaining your audienceís interest and improving information retention.

To meet this need, ErgoSystems has the expertise to provide instructional materials design services ranging from one-page handouts to full-fledged training courses.

For those often repeated new hire and refresher training sessions, ErgoSystems can develop Train the Trainer instructional materials used by in-house trainers thereby better controlling training costs.


The Audience and Topics

ErgoSystems has developed core training courses that can readily be customized  for audiences that include:

  • Workforce

  • Ergonomics Teams

  • Engineers

  • Supervisors

  • Managers

  • Trainers

With additional  topics always in development, ErgoSystemsí training courses presently include :

  • The Ergonomics Process

  • Ergonomics Team Training

  • Back and Neck Injury Prevention

  • Arm, Hand and Wrist Injury Prevention

  • Ergonomics and the Computer/Office

  • Ergonomics and Manual Materials Handling

  • The Managerís Role in Ergonomics


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