Safety and Productivity through Ergonomics!


Ergonomics Teams

Problem Solving

Ergonomics is all about problem solving. The capacity of an organization to conduct ergonomics job analysis and implement appropriate control measures is at the heart of the ergonomics process.

Question: Who are the best ergonomists?

Answer: The people who do the job everyday!

We fully understand the value of tapping into the expertise of your workforce. We have extensive experience in working with organizations to establish in-house ergonomics teams.

Jump Start

We understand the way to teach these skills is not solely through classroom lectures. Once the basics of ergonomics principles and assessments methods are understood, we send small groups into the field with video cameras to analyze real workstation issues and come up with real solutions.

In this way we can jump start the ergonomics process by having the training field study work actually be the first analyses that are worked on.


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